Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Must be Readers

T.H. Bell, former U.S. Secretary of Education said, 

"Time must be scheduled for reading, quiet reflection, and conversation on what is read. Despite the glamour of the electronic marvels of today, a great book in quiet contact with a curious and hungry mind is still the highest use of leisure time. Whatever other pressures there may be on our time, we must never let a significant period of time pass without reading a good book. We must be readers, and what we read should be carefully planned to help us in our quest for excellence. Reading can be a stimulating source of conversation and intellectual growth. "
["Keys to Attaining Excellence in Our Lives"]

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  1. WE have forgotten about the important things in life and went on ahead and are going the wrong things. This is considered choosing the wrong. We all are doing it now. It has to stop.
    Elvin Banuelos Period 2