Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peter Vidmar: Olympic Gold Medal---Scoring a Perfect 10

Peter Vidmar


Perform an ordinary skill in an extraordinary way

Showing virtuosity means doing something with the ultimate proficiency and skill, showing that you are simply the best at what you do. The best way to become skilled is to work hard and smart. While we cannot control the amount of natural ability we have, we can control the amount of effort we put forth.

Think about Peter's description of his daily training with Tim Daggett before the Olympics. They had a vision in their minds of what they wanted to accomplish, and how they were going to perform to reach those goals. Remember, 
PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT... so practice right. What we do over and over again will become permanent behavior. If we approach each day with average effort, we will consistently get average results. But when we place a high enough value on something, we'll figure out a way to get the job done well. In order to apply the principle of virtuosity, we must always remember our ultimate goal, even if reaching our goals takes years to accomplish. And those final goals must be of great worth to us personally. By constantly keeping the Olympic Gold Medal in mind, Peter placed a great value on every workout. And there were big rewards for his littleextra efforts.
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Virtuosity involves taking a common skill and working hard to perform the task better. Add your own flair. Let your own personality and unique qualities shine through. Risk using your own Originality to develop Virtuosity.

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