Monday, October 26, 2009

The Gift of Time

Give yourself a gift--THE GIFT OF TIME--one hour each day devoted to reading and reflecting."
Mr. Haymore


  1. Time is our greatest commodity. We should always seek to do first things first and next things next, as President Dwight Eisenhour taught.

  2. This is saying that you should try and help yourself by giving an hour of your time to try and get a bit of education per day. And by doing that you will be helping yourself try and learn something by reading a book for at least an hour or two, also you can try by trying to help out a friend with some work they need to get done! (:
    Becky M. Period 3

  3. This quote is saying that reading is the best gift you can have because it can lead you to something successful in life. You should always think about the things you would like to accomplish, and reading can help you accomplish what you would like to accomplish.

    Karen S.
    Per. 3

  4. this quote is marvelous and very inspiring because if you read or practice any sport an hour a day yew will become better by time....

    ---Robert Aceves

  5. This quote is agreeable because studying for one hour can still teach you many things!
    -Diana R.

  6. I love this statement. Time is our greatest asset; therefore, we need to study, practice at least one hour per day in order to succeed, to enjoy happiness and success in school and throughout life. I think reading one hour a day is one of the best habits we can possible possess.

    Mr. Haymore Period 3

  7. according to Mr.Haymore is that with one hour of reading is information that one day you might use. what i mean is that you can achive so much with just one hour of reading.
    also, your mind has unlimited memory so make it full with as much information as you can and you will achive higher.

    -rafael sanchez
    P. 3