Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beginning or Ending

I saw a statement once that read, "It's not how you start a race that counts but how you finish." It reminds me of college athletics. For example, college basketball. At the beginning of the basketball season, polls come out ranking teams as number one, number two, number three, etc. Then at the end of the season, following March Madness, the national champion is declared. Would you rather be ranked number one at the beginning of the season or number one at the ending? I think we all know the answer. Thus, it's not so much where or how you begin, but how you perform during the season and where you finish at the end.

School is the same. It's more important how you perform during the school year and how you finish at the end of the school year rather than where and how you begin the school year.


  1. choose the right to become an academic champion

  2. i will finish this race to the end

  3. i will finish the race and i will succeed!
    what matters most is how you finish
    and how you made it to the end....

    _Cristal :D